The Steinbeis network of transfer orientated centers specializes in offering the complete scope of the latest technology and management competences available to customers. We transfer competitive knowledge and technology into business, for the benefit of large companies and individual entrepreneurs alike.

Companies find within the Steinbeis Network leading experts in their field, able to assist in research and development, consulting activities as well as internal capacity building. Service and quality are the hallmarks of our work. We foster effective and efficient cooperation between the world of science and business by making knowledge and technology available, taking into account market rules.

We believe in decentralizing as much as possible, and do only centralize where it is absolutely necessary: this is the strength of the Steinbeis network. In our decentralized organisation each center – the smallest entity within the network – is headed by an individual manager, as transfer, consulting or research centers, transfer institutes or simply a Ltd. This approach – linking entrepreneurial self-responsibility and independence and guidance – allows Steinbeis to safeguard and promote its long-term success as an enterprise.

Managers of each center see themselves as problem solvers at the disposal of trade and industry. On behalf of and in cooperation with their clients they develop comprehensive, customer-orientated solutions to each problem. There is only one standard element in each project: confidentiality, from start to finish.

Haus der Wirtschaft
Willi-Bleicher-Str. 19
70174 Stuttgart

Post office box 10 43 62
70174 Stuttgart

Phone: +49/711/1839-5
Fax: +49/711/1839-700

Board of Directors:
Prof. Dr. Heinz Trasch (Chairman)
Prof. Dr. Michael Auer