Dirk Mangold Dirk Mangold

Dipl.-Ing. mechanical engineering
Director of Solites, scientific head for solar district heating plants and seasonal thermal energy storage of the RTD programme Solarthermie2000plus, RTD in the fields of large scale solar heating systems, heat storage and CO2-neutral energy concepts, exploration of new applications, coordinator of the national expert group on long-term heat storage, university teacher on energy efficient buildings, member of several expert groups

Tel   +49 (0)711 / 673 2000-20


Thomas Pauschinger Thomas Pauschinger

Dipl.-Ing. mechanical engineering
International cooperation on research, demonstration, market introduction and know-how transfer regarding the use of solar thermal, other renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in the heat sector

Tel   +49 (0)711 / 673 2000-40


Thomas Schmidt Thomas Schmidt

Dipl.-Ing. mechanical engineering
Large scale solar heating plants, integrated energy concepts, large scale thermal energy storage, dynamic simulation of active thermal systems and buildings, international cooperation (EU, IEA)

Tel   +49 (0)711 / 673 2000-30


Magdalena Berberich Magdalena Berberich

M.Sc. Sustainable Energy Competence
Solar district heating and CHP technologies, simulation, economical and technical feasibility

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Laure Deschaintre Laure Deschaintre

Dipl.-Ing. Energy and environmental engineering
System simulation, market development, solar district heating

Tel   +49 (0)711 / 673 2000-75


Veronika Kammin Veronika Kammin

Financial accountant
Accounting, project assistance

Tel   +49 (0)711 / 673 2000-10


Oliver Miedaner Oliver Miedaner

Dipl.-Ing. mechanical engineering

International cooperation on research, know-how transfer and market development regarding the use of solar thermal and other renewable energy sources in the heat sector

Tel   +49 (0)711 / 673 2000-80


Mathieu Riegger Mathieu Riegger

Dipl.-Ing. energy and systems engineering
Quality management of borehole heat exchangers, thermal use of the underground, system simulation

Tel   +49 (0)711 / 673 2000-50


Julian Rolker Julian Rolker

M.Sc. Geosciences
Quality assurance of borehole heat exchanger

Tel   +49 (0)711 / 673 2000-70


Kai Schäfer Kai Schäfer

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Process Engineering
Solar thermal systems, ducts in energy systems , simulation of buildings and facilities

Tel   +49 (0)711 / 673 2000-90



Luis Guerreiro

Media designer for digital and print (media operating)
Media design, web development, desktop publishing

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Sabrina Gärtner

Niels Hoppe
Research assistant

Michael Klöck
Research assistant

Maria Portune