New Business Opportunities for Solar District Heating and Cooling
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Period   07/2012 - 06/2015
Budget   1,88 Mio EUR
Description   The commercial application of SDH is presently starting in some countries. In particular in Denmark, where solar district heating (SDH) is operated at feasible heat costs, the realisation of plants is booming. Newcomer SDH activities are developing e.g. in Italy, France, Spain and Norway.

In many cases district heating operators consider situations where heat from CHP and waste cover the base load as main obstacle for SDH, whereas new realisations demonstrate that CHP and solar can be combined efficiently. Innovative business models with SDH can create additional benefits. New opportunities need to be recognised, derived from the role of renewable district heating for implementing the EPBD recast and the Directive for the Promotion of Renewables.

Client   EC-Programme IEE Intelligent Energy Europe
Partner   Solites (coordinator, DE), AGFW (DE), CIT Energy Management (SE), AIRU (IT), Ambiente Italia (IT), Cityplan (CZ), PlanEnergi (DK), S.O.L.I.D. (AT), FundaciĆ³n Tecnalia (ES), Tecsol (FR), EIHP (HR), UNILJ (SI), LEI (LT), AMORCE (FR), EC BREC (PL), Euroheat & Power, CEA-INES (FR), Dansk Fjernwarme (DK)
Aim   The aim of SDHplus is to foster the changeover of district heating to solar energy.
Implementation   The development of and implementation of the business models will be achieved by:

  • developing and pilot implementing new business models for SDH focusing on situations, where renewable district heating is used for enabling buildings with high energy performance

  • the use of solar thermal in cases where CHP district heat is not anymore used for the base load due to high shares of wind energy and PV in the electricity grid and a resulting shift of the merit order

  • the integration of solar thermal into isolated heat networks without CHP and the substitution of heating-only plants

  • the use of the modern and environmentally friendly image as well as the high acceptance in society of solar energy for a wider diffusion and marketing of district heating

SDHplus further aims at the transfer of SDH know-how to six learning countries ES, FR, HR, LT, PL, SI as well as the institutionalising of high level dissemination events at European level.

Results   Comprehensive activities for market development are being carried out within the SDHplus project. All studies and reports are made available the project website.

Development and pilot implementation of business models for solar district heating


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