Business fields
Solites always considers energy systems in the context of energy saving, efficiency and renew-able energies. We verify the technical feasibility taking into account the specific boundary conditions on site. The strategic conception of energy systems under consideration of economical aspects is one of our main focuses.

Energy saving
We develop concepts for energy savings regarding building facade and engineering, energy flows in manufacturing industries, energy distribution systems and the analysis of generation processes for heating, cooling, electricity and process energy.

Energy efficiency
This is supplemented by measures to improve energy efficiency in energy production, supply and delivery of heating and cooling to the customer, which lead to economical improvements or are requirements for the integration of renewable energies.

Renewable energies
We consider as renewable energies solar and geothermal energies as well as biomass and waste heat and work with them. Wind energy and water power for the generation of electricity are conceptually taken into account in our projects.

Solites deals with thermal energy systems for the production, distribution and use of heat, as well as combined power generation and cooling.

Solar thermal systems
We deal with large scale solar thermal plants from 20 to over 20 000 m2 collector area ranging from single plant components to system integration.

Geothermal systems
Regarding geothermal systems we focus on borehole heat exchangers and ground coupled heat pumps.

To us biomass is a CO2 minimized energy source that we implement on its own or in combina-tion with CO2 emission-free energy sources.

Combined heat and power and waste heat
Cogeneration plants and waste heat are also considered in our optimisation concepts for complex integrated energy supply systems.

Seasonal thermal energy storage
Solites is technology leader in the construction, system integration and application of under-ground thermal energy storages. Most of the large-scale storages are used as seasonal or buffer storages for waste heat, power peaks or the like.

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